Yana Zhbanova, a master of style, an advisor, an image-maker.
I like that fashion and style allow people to be fast-moving, young, attractive, successful and that I can help them with it.
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All abought your wardrobe and more

  • Service for private clients;
  • Service for corporate clients;
  • Shopping-accompanying.
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модные советы

We offer a unique service for the Russian Market – Image-Concierge. The unicity of this service is in a special relationship with a client who gets all kinds of VIP image-consulting and the opportunity to get in touch with his/her consultant by phone at any time.
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Training courses For private and corporate clients

  • Rational wardrobe course
  • Course for corporate clients «Corporate dress-code»

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  • Expert association Personal Shopping.
  • Private consulting agency All about Luxe.
  • The European Image Academy.
  • "Boyden" agency.
  • "Сostes" image-club.
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Events События и активность

11—12 июня 2013
Марк Дюгаст в Москве

Состоялся долгожданный визит известного французского морфопсихолога Марка Дюгаста...
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