We offer a unique service for the Russian Market Image-Concierge. The unicity of this service is in a special relationship with a client who gets all kinds of VIP image-consulting and the opportunity to get in touch with his/her consultant by phone at any time. If the situation requires, the client can call for our specialist at an appropriate place and time for solving different urgent problems, connected with image, grooming, shopping and wardrobe. Its a real craft to be always alert and to react instantly on clients demands even if they seem hard and specific.

Image-Concierge first of all its the service for our regular clients whose criterias such as colour, body, stylistic preferences, business dimension and interests are well-known for us. In this case, not only base image-lines are provided, but also confidence and delicacy towards clients reaction.
Image-Concierge its 24 hours service, 7 days a week.
Image-Concierge can include:

  • Clothes selection at any time or urgent buy and clothes delivery for a special occasion.
  • Individual tailoring. We work with a top-class atelier (dress-making and tailoring establishment) and can fit your clothes on or make it from scratch.
  • Travel arrangements. Its a special service of present interest if you have a sudden business trip and a lot of things claim your attention.
  • Individual shopping in any country (for example, being on business trip you have a couple days off for shopping and need professional advice and accompanying. In this case the flight and accommodation for our specialist is extra paid, but you save your time and money.
  • VIP-service in boutiques and VIP-changing room arrangement. An opportunity to come at a time convenient to you and to try on everything that was chosen by our image-consultant in a private changing-room, enjoying drinking champagne all this is provided for special clients in many Luxe Shops in Europe. Also a limousine and restaurant booking are provided.
  • The search of desired clothes which arent in the shops in Moscow.
  • An Express-image for special occasions. These are spontaneous cases when a client has to go to an evening party or an important meeting and its necessary to get and deliver all the things needed to that place where the client is.
  • The choice of accessories for any ensembles glasses, jewellery, bags, shoes, business accessories (folders, card-boards, briefcases, business card books and etc.).
  • Hairstyle and make-up creation. To make an appointment in a beauty-salon for haircut and colouring, designers image-control.
  • Home clothing selection and buy.
  • Kids wardrobe arrangement and/or creation.
  • Presents choice for relatives,, kids, colleagues and etc.
  • Jewellery selection, the search of rare and unusual jewellery at any price range.

If there is a lack of any service in our list, it doesnt mean that we wont be able to provide it. Call us and well cope with any task connected with image.

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