For Corporate Clients

Courses, training-consultations, seminars

1) Image an instrument of success
2) Corporate dress-code
3) Training for boutiques and show rooms
Image an instrument of success
Corporate trainings

For companies who want to optimize their staff look, to create corporate identity, to use image in professional goals. These trainings are based on European Image-Consulting standards and are directed on individual-image participant improvement.

Corporate dress-code
Corporate trainings

Corporate identity is one of the instruments with the help of which the company shows its directives, values and ambitions to clients, partners and their rivals. Dress-code is an important part of this identity. All your staff must understand what they are required for and they have to demonstrate it not only by means of their professional line, but also at the level of non-verbal information their look and manners.
Training for boutiques and show rooms
Mini course

The success of a boutique vastly depends on people who communicate with clients on shop assistants. The level of their competency and professionalism has an effect on a sales growth and turnover of this boutique. Amiability, optimism, sociability are the obligatory base qualities for the staff of these boutiques. The knowledge of fashion trends, ability to help a particular client to choose clothes, customer psychological types comprehension these are necessary things which will help your staff to become professional.


For private clients

Courses, training-consultations, seminars

1) Dress sense tones
2) An ideal man with your own hands
3) French chic
3) Rational wardrobe
Dress sense tones Training consultation

We live in the world of images. Some people create their image based on famous brands with a long history and charisma. Others buy enthusiastically the items of local clothing brands which are congenial for them. Other people are looking for grooves of unknown designers or vintage.

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Rational wardrobe

Look into your wardrobe depths. How do you think there are a lot of clothes? And how many of them do you wear regularly? How to arrange all this pile of textile, leather and fur? What exactly should be in your wardrobe? What should be taken up as your image investment and what should be abandoned? The training-seminar Rational wardrobe tells about these and other important points.

French chic
Training for women

French women have always been a symbol of witty ingenuity in love, fashion and style. Their charisma of presenting themselves, steeping a middle course, turned out into a legend. The training French chic tells you about Paris style nuances.

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