Yana Zhbanova,
a master of style, an image-maker, the founder and the CEO of “Smart Styling” company.

My clients are very successful people and their desire and proficiency in reaching goals allow them to expand horizons and set themselves new and interesting tasks. A man of Business comprehends his look as a part of his capital equity. A successful woman aspires to be competent and good-looking both at work and at home. A housewife cares not only of her own look in her husband and kids’ sight, but also she takes care of all members of her family.
The work with such people is the process of mutual communication, development and interactive relationship. It’s very interesting for me to learn something new about them, improve my skills and mastership and keep up with their tasks.
I like that fashion and style allow people to be fast-moving, young, attractive, successful and that I can help them with it. I always work for a specific purpose and every time a new one, because all tasks are unique. I feel elation and deep satisfaction when we reach a goal with my client and are both satisfied with our results. I’m glad that we understand and esteem each other.”
Domain of competence

Yana Zhbanova is an acclaimed professional expert in “Image-consulting” sphere with long and successful experience in individual and corporate project management.

  • Individual and corporate image, Colour and Style consulting.
  • Concierge-service of private (retail) clients, including individual style creation, wardrobe case management and effective shopping.
  • Special project management, training courses and master classes of current fashion trends, shopping psychology, rational wardrobe, dress code and etc.
  • Professional purchasing of collections.
Work experience

  • More than 7 years in “Individual Style Making”, “Private and Corporate Image Consulting”, “Clients Personal Shopping-Monitoring” area.
  • The member of Personal Shopping Association.
  • Professional participant of the 20th anniversary season Moscow Fashion Week (2008).
  • Teleproject Image-consultant and image-expert on channels “ORT”, “TVC”, “Stolitsa”, “Domashny”.
  • Teacher in European Image Academy, Moscow.
  • Lecturer of open and corporate training courses.
  • Russian New University, Moscow.
  • “First Impression” image-consulting Studio School, London.
  • “Art and Image” Reputation Technology Institute, Moscow.
  • “Jeunique-Beauty For All Seasons, Inc.” Company, Moscow.
Контактная информация
109028 Moscow,
Yauzsky Blvd, 15/1.
The entrance is outside the boulevard.

+7 (495) 790-55-07
+7 (495) 698-54-41